With great regret, the board of the Airedale Terrier Special Club Austria announces, that the WTWU World Championship 2020 must be canceled without replacement due to the current corona virus situation and the associated problems in each individual country!

Since it cannot be estimated how the situation will develop, because preparing the dogs with appropriate training is impossible, because borders are closed and the private situation of people is also badly affected, there is no other solution. In addition: health comes first!

There are currently no new decisions regarding the future hosting of the World Championship. We will continue to report here.

We would like to thank everyone who has already put a lot of work into the preparations for their commitment and support. And we wish all of you: stay healthy!

The board of the ATS

19.03.2020   More starters have been announced - Switzerland, Finland and Austria are reporting their teams, and another guest starter from Luxembourg is also coming -> see starter

Corona Virus:
Unfortunately, the Corona Virus does not leave our planned World Championship without a trace. Since March 10, 2020, the Austrian Federal Government has defined various, sometimes extensive and also drastic measures that severely restrict "normal life". In addition to closing universities, schools and all shops - except grocery stores, pharmacies, etc. - events are also severely restricted or prohibited.

For example, indoor events may not include more than 100 people; for outdoor events, the limit is 500 people. The World Championship - as an outdoor event - would by no means reach this limit, but now there are also border closures and entry bans, which currently make the situation difficult and unpredictable.

The Austrian Federal Government has initially stipulated these measures until the beginning of April or will continue to adjust them. The board of the Airedale Terrier Spezialklub has therefore decided to wait for this deadline. Perhaps a trend is already foreseeable and we can decide whether the World Championship can take place or not.

We will definitely keep you up to date. The board of the Airedale Terrier Spezialklub wishes all dog handlers, their families and friends all the best and above all: STAY HEALTHY!!!

04.03.2020   The registration deadline for the WTWU WM 2020 ends in nearly 3 weeks.

Almost all team leaders of the nations have already been announced - see
10.02.2020   A fantastic therapist for various forms of treatment is available to all starter dogs and visitor dogs during the World Championship.

Make an appointment for a check-up to the WC special price of 25.00 by email or PN! For further information and contact details see: sponsors

08.02.2020   On Sunday, May 10, 2020, a professional photographer will be available for obedience and protection, who will photograph all starters. These photos can then be viewed on site and also ordered. For more details see: sponsors

14.01.2020   The time has come - France is the first country to have registered its team: 1 guest starter in IGP 3 -> to the starter overview
13.01.2020   Now our team of judges, helpers and tracklayers is complete -> to the overview

Welcome to the official homepage of the 1st WTWU World Championship 2020 in Austria

The Airedale Terrier Special Club team is looking forward to YOU!!!


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