Arrival / veterinary and animal protection regulations / visitor information

ATTENTION: The arrival to the sports field is possible at the earliest on Thursday, May 7th, 2020 from MIDDAY !!!


Sports field of FC Weißkirchen

Judenburgerstraße 28
8741 Weißkirchen in der Steiermark
Coordinates Google Maps: 47.155261, 14.731412 (47°09'18.9"N 14°43'53.1"E)


Entry fees:

1 day ticket
(Sunday, 10.05.2020)
€ 5,00
Multi-day ticket
(Saturday + Sunday or
Friday + Saturday + Sunday)
€ 9,00

Children up to 6 years free! Parents are responsible for their children.

Visitors dogs:

Visitor dogs are of course very welcome at the event and do not pay entry fees. Please note, however, that visitor dogs can only enter with a valid vaccination pass and a valid rabies vaccination. The owner of the dog takes full liability for the safekeeping of the dog and for any damage caused by the visitor dog.

During the competitions for obedience and protection at the sports field, make sure that visitor dogs are not allowed to stand directly at the boundary to the sports field and that they have to behave calmly during the competitions.

Entry requirements:

A valid passport or identity card is required for people from EU countries. A valid passport is required for people from non-EU countries. There is an obligation to prove one's identity in Austria.

must have a valid vaccination pass with a valid rabies vaccination.

Obligatory vignette:

For the use of motorways in Austria a vignette is obliged. The prices are as follows:

Annual vignette car € 91.10
2-month vignette car € 27.40
10-day vignette car € 9.40

Road charge:

If you are arriving from the south via the A9 and the "Gleinalm Tunnel", you also have to pay a road charge of € 9.00 each way. Coming from the north via the A9, the road charge for the "Bosruck Tunnel" costs € 5.50 each way. Both tunnels can be avoided.

"Right-hand traffic" applies in Austria. Please note the following in particular:

v all occupants must be wearing a seat belt
v the driver must comply with the absolute prohibition on cell phones
v strict alcohol controls are carried out! The limit of 0.5 per mille is strictly adhered to, and driving licenses are also rigorously removed from foreigners if they are exceeded.


Veterinary and animal welfare regulations:

Due to the decided amendment to the Animal Welfare Regulations, the use of any kind of strangling collars (including chain collars) is only permitted if they are provided with a “stop ring” so that the strangling function is obviously prevented. We ask you to take note of this change and make sure that at least one key ring is inserted into chain collars, which makes it impossible for the dog to be strangled. During competitions, judges must ensure that only collars that comply with the legal requirements are used when demonstrating the dog - even if these exams do not require a leash, but only a free heeling.

In Austria, due to the incompatibility with the applicable Animal Protection Law, the stick test must be carried out at all events (also according to the IGP) in such a way that the dogs are threatened but are no longer hit with the stick. This means that the threat is removed before the stick touches the dog and the stick is then only applied to the dog. This ensures that dogs are not beaten.


General information and safety instructions on site:

Walking and driving is only allowed on streets and main roads.
v ID must always be carried with you.
v Dogs must always be kept on a leash and / or with a muzzle - except during competition.
v Damage and accidents must be reported to the organizer immediately.
v Stopping and parking is only allowed at the designated and marked places. This applies in particular to campers and caravans. The instructions of the steward must be followed.
v All public spaces must be kept clean. This applies in particular to dog droppings - this must always be removed.
v The dog owner is liable for all damage caused by his dog.


Payment in Austria:

The national currency is EURO. Currency exchange from a foreign currency in EURO is possible in all banks during business hours as well as in exchange offices at the airports. Currency exchange in hotels is rather not recommended. The most secure option is provided by credit cards from the major companies (VISA, Mastercard, etc.). Having a credit card is essential when renting a rental vehicle. There is also the option of withdrawing money from cash machines using a code.


Medical consultation:

Foreign health certificates from the statutory health insurance institutions or substitute funds are partially accepted. In any case, it is recommendable to take a private health insurance for the duration of your stay in Austria. Here are a few useful links:

Closest medical practices

Closest hospitals

Nearest veterinary clinic


Important phone numbers:

Fire department
Euro emergency call